SPINAK – 3D diagnostic and treatment planning tool for spinal disorders

Scoliosis is a 3D deformity of the spine. The following figure shows its symptoms.

The scoliotic spine will have lateral curvature of more than 10º accompanied by vertebral rotation. Hence, it is called as a 3D deformity. But, at present, it is diagnosed using only frontal and lateral x-rays as shown below. Hence the diagnosis is inaccurate. A 3D deformity can’t be analyzed properly using only two x-rays.

Therefore a new diagnostic tool called “SPINAK” is developed by Kumudha Health Tech. Scoliosis is present in 2 – 4% of kids aged 10 – 16 years. In the absence of treatment, it may lead to postural problems. It may also lead to cardiac or pulmonary complications.

The advanced 3D imaging modalities like CT and MRI have limitations on assessment of 3D spinal deformities as they are obtained in sleeping position. The supine position can change the actual deformation. Although CT can provide more information for the deformity assessment, the subjects are exposed to higher levels of radiation, which leads to ethical considerations. Since the subjects with spinal deformities may have surgical implants and corrective tools, use of MRI has limitations as a diagnostic tool. Hence we have developed SPINAK which creates a 3D model of the spine using only two x-rays.

SPINAK is available worldwide through its online cloud services. If you request your doctor/consultant for SPINAK, he will upload the x-rays to our system and he will get the 3D model within 24 hours. The physician can render this model on the screen for accurate diagnosis. It also helps in accurate brace design. SPINAK can be used every year for brace modification during follow up examinations as it is radiation free.

The features of SPINAK includes

• 3D model using only two x-rays
• It also the deformity quantification report which includes 3D Cobb angle (Spinal Curvature) and Axial Vertebral Rotation
• We can 3D print the spine model on demand

• 3D printed spine can be used for surgery simulation. The surgeon can perform the mock surgery on a 3D printed model well in advance before the actual surgery

• We can also 3D print the CT/MRI data of the spine for surgical planning.

Surgical planning will reduce the risk. It will also reduce the surgical and recovery time. SPINAK can also be used for the diagnosis of Herniated disc, Spinal trauma, etc.