Virtual Reality (VR) is the illusion of three-dimensional, interactive, computer-generated reality where sight, sound, and sometimes even touch are simulated to create pictures, sounds, and objects that actually seen real.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is been a game changer in the current education system with the advent of new technology. VR and AR is a versatile platform for education and training. Especially, in the medical domain, it can be used in a classroom to improve student learning and training.

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Particularly in the field of medical science VR plays a vital role in surgery planning. It allows the doctors to visualize their image datasets using volume rendering and immerse completely into the body to go around the body organs. This immersive experience helps the doctors to hold the objects and provides an opportunity to zoom-in, zoom-out, rotate etc., look at the problem closely and plan their surgery more accurately and precisely.

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This virtual reality provides intuitive information in a 3D space to realize the problems and plan accordingly. Physicians or surgeons can do the volume rendering of images and visualize and operate virtually, helps to walk around the 3D objects. Especially in the field of medical domain, it’s too complex for a beginner to understand, but VR helps them to do it repeatedly and learn thoroughly. The main characteristics of VR are

• User becomes a part of the simulated environment.
• Uses devices like HMD’s, Digital Spectacles to provide 3D virtual space in user’s world.
• The first “immersive VR systems” have been the flight simulators by a mixture of real hardware and virtual imagery.
• Gives an opportunity to the doctors and surgeons to fly inside a tumor and look around accurately before they get into real-time surgery

In our company, we are focussing on the design and development of VR/AR modules for the surgery simulation especially in the case of orthopedics and dentistry.

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